Fires, prolonged power outages, blizzards, floods—incidents and natural forces like these can strike with little or no warning, threatening your company’s existence. Don’t be a statistic. With a comprehensive, well-crafted disruption and disaster recovery plan you significantly improve your business’ resilience and well-being in the event of emergency.

Are you ready if and when your business has a cyber breach?

Business preparedness is not just about natural disasters. It’s also about defending yourself against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity is not an issue that only big brands need to worry about. Small businesses are at risk as well – from a data breach to an angry employee withholding passwords.

Take steps today to improve your cybersecurity, download your own copy of the Small Business Cybersecurity Workbook.






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    Creating your disruption and disaster recovery plan is now easier than ever.  PrepareCT’s free, online program, workshop and resources help you:

  • Learn planning basics, tools and benefits.
  • Complete your action plan with user-friendly templates.
  • Access expert guidance to strengthen your preparedness
  • Don’t delay! Access PrepareCT’s FREE disaster preparedness training modules.

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